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What is the Shoponator auction?

Welcome, we are glad that you have visited our online auction! Shoponator is an auction generator, in a new format, where we conduct auctions from leading retailers, through a unique partnership system between auction participants.

Our auction is not like any other, since we personally developed a new bidding system that will allow you to buy new products and services with discounts up to 70%. In order to understand how this all works, watch the video in the bottom or in the section How it works!

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How does the Shoponator auction work?

Online auction Shoponator (Shoponator) gives you the opportunity to buy any product, service - from gadgets to travel. At what price you ask - at the price that the buyer can afford at the moment!

How it works? By holding an auction, we gather participants who, in partnership, offer their price, paying part of the cost of the goods (paid participation in the auction) ... only 1 USD for the opportunity to declare their price and help collect the necessary amount to purchase a product or service from a supplier!

Your bid will be hidden from the rest of the participants, but will be included in the rating of the auction participants who have placed their bids! The higher your bid in the auction, the higher your position in the ranking and thus the higher the chance to buy the lot.

For example, we have a product with a market value of 300 USD. Accordingly, to raise funds, purchase this product from a supplier, you will need to make 300 USD (cost of goods) / 1 USD (cost of participation in the auction) = 300 applications of auction participants.

After reaching the required number of bids, the auction stops bidding and sends the winner, who took the first place in the rating, an invoice for payment of his maximum bid. After paying the maximum bid, we announce the winner. As a result, the supplier will send the winner the goods or provide the service that participated in the auction at the expense of those 1 USD that all participants paid to declare their maximum price.

We want to pay special attention to the authorization method, it happens through social networks! This gives you the opportunity to see real people who are bidding. Make sure of the honesty and transparency of our auction to all its participants.

At the moment, the project is under development :) The launch and presentation of the project is scheduled for the end of winter 2024.